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Hilarious uncle convinces nephew he has magic powers

This TikToker shared an adorable video in which he convinces his toddler nephew that he has magic powers!

Anthony Consiglio (@amconsiglio) is a TikToker and parent who shares adorable videos of his kids and wife, as well as sweet moments with his extended family. Anthony has been spending some quality time outdoors with his family this summer, and recently jumped on the opportunity to create a magical moment for his nephew, Crew. Anthony shared a video in which he tricks Crew into believing he has the magical ability to make a sprinkler turn on with just the power of his mind!

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The video begins with a shot of Crew running around a sprinkler in the family’s backyard. Crew is playing joyfully, running back and forth through the water. A hose connected to the sprinkler runs back towards the house, while palm trees can be seen in the distance.

Then, Anthony moves the camera, tracking the path of the hose back towards the house. When the camera reaches the bottom of its arc, it shows that Anthony has stepped onto the hose. “What uncles are for,” a caption reads.

Then Anthony pans the camera back up towards Crew and the sprinkler. Water no longer jets out of the sprinkler and Crew is staring at it in dismay. “Oh no!” he exclaims.

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Then, Crew begins trying to use his “magic powers” to make the sprinkler turn on again. He gestures wildly at the sprinkler, willing it to turn back on. “Get in there!” Anthony yells, egging him on.

After a moment, the sprinkler “magically” turns back on! The video ends with Crew screaming in delight and running around the sprinkler.

Viewers applauded Anthony and his “magic trick.”

“That glee scream,” one viewer wrote.

“He’s super lucky to have this kind uncle. Thank you,” another TikToker commented.

“Love this age. Told my grandson he had to say ‘abracadabra’ to open the garage door,” one grandparent shared.

Anthony definitely created a core memory for Crew with his magic trick!

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