The hilarious comment Prince Harry made about an Aussie lifeguard's feet

There are few things more Australian than a life guard dressed in yellow and red and one in particular seemed to catch Prince Harry’s attention.

As part of their royal tour of Australia, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got to meet a few on Wednesday in Melbourne.

After a hectic day of engagements that included a meet-and-greet in the Royal Botanic Gardens, a school visit, a tram ride and lunch in a Fitzroy eatery, the popular duo’s final stop of the day was South Melbourne beach.

After talking to locals about environmental issues, Prince Harry and Meghan met members of the  Australian Lifeguard Service, including Sebastian Top.

Lifeguard Sebastian Top found himself the focus of Prince Harry’s attention during the royal visit to Melbourne. Source: 7 News

He made the duo laugh by asking them if they were planning to go for a swim.

Then Prince Harry noticed something about Sebastian that made him stand out from the crowd.

“He asked me about my big feet, because I’m quite tall, and he said I must be built for a lifeguard,” Sebastian said.

Cameras captured Prince Harry pointing down at the bemused lifeguard’s feet while Meghan chuckles by his side.

Prince Harry was fascinated by an Aussie lifeguard’s big feet. Source: 7 News

Far from being embarrassed, Sebastian said making royalty laugh was one of the highlights of his life so far.

“Definitely, just meeting them was pretty special,” he said.

It was a hectic day of engagements for the popular Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Source: 7 News

After six destinations, five hours, two changes of clothes, and tens of thousands of screaming fans, Prince Harry had clearly not lost his sense of humour.

“They’re so nice and they’re just like regular people,” one excited local said.