Hikers find dog dead in 'torture chamber'

An animal shelter said it’s in shock after a dead dog was found in a crate buried in a hole in the woods.

Ruth Stienert Memorial SPCA posted pictures of the crate found in Pennsylvania on Facebook and slammed the act as “heartless, barbaric, sick” and “torturing”.

“This poor dog was locked in a crate shoved down a hole with blankets and wood covering the crate purposely left to die in a wooded area,” it wrote. 

The Ruth Stienert Memorial SPCA said it’s shocked over the discovery of a dead dog found buried in a cage in Pennsylvanian woods. Source: Facebook/ Ruth Stienert Memorial SPCA

Bridget Barder, an animal cruelty officer for the shelter, said she didn’t have “words to explain it” and added it was “horrid”.

According to ABC 16 WNEP hikers found the cage with a pitbull’s body inside on the weekend. Shelter volunteers believe the dog was there for about two months and starved to death.

Lori Sult, the shelter manager, described the cage as a “torture chamber” built for the dog. 

It’s believed the dog starved to death in the cage. Source: Facebook/ Ruth Stienert Memorial SPCA

“This dog died a horrible, horrible death,” Ms Sult said.

“There was just so many other options. The dog did not have to die this way.”

Police are now investigating the dog’s death and the shelter has raised US$470 as a reward to find whoever is responsible.

Whoever dumped the dog is yet to be found. Source: Facebook/ Ruth Stienert Memorial SPCA