Hiker with broken ankle rescued in Tas

Christopher Talbot

A woman stranded in the Tasmanian wilderness for two days with a badly broken ankle has been rescued by helicopter after a break in bad weather.

The 27-year-old Taiwanese woman, who lives in Hobart, was reported missing in the Cradle Mountain National Park on Saturday and was found by hikers on Sunday morning.

Bad weather prevented the rescue chopper from being deployed so the woman was stretchered to a hut and a paramedic hiked in to provide treatment.

She has a badly broken ankle and was cold and dehydrated when she was found, police say.

The rescue helicopter was able to pick the woman up on Monday afternoon.

"Conditions were fairly miserable for flying. There was a break in the weather today which allowed us to get in," Inspector Darren Hopkins told reporters on Monday.

"The chances of getting her out by air were remote if we didn't get through today as (the weather) was going to deteriorate this afternoon for the next couple of days and we were expecting sub zero temperatures and snow."

The woman was taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital for further treatment.