Touching story behind high school prom photo

After planning on attending the prom alone, a teen with Down syndrome was delighted to be accompanied to the dance by a handsome and kind-hearted high school football star.

When the 16-year-old New York football and lacrosse star’s sister suggested Steven Kurisco take Sabrina Loughman to the school dance, he didn’t hesitate to be her date.

Sabrina and Steven’s sisters were chatting on the phone when the pair suggested Steven should take the teen with Down syndrome to the school dance.

Sabrina Loughman, who has Down syndrome, beamed from ear to ear in her prom photos, accompanied by handsome and kind-hearted high school football star Steven Kurisco. Source: Cathy Hunt

His mother Kara Kurisco said Steven, whom she described as “a big jock,” didn’t hesitate.

“He said, ‘no problem’,” Ms Kurisco told local news outlet lohud in Clarkstown, New York.

“I said a couple weeks later, ‘I gotta go get you a tux.’”

When June 20 came, the  young man suited up in his new tuxedo to drive Sabrina to the prom, where they danced and had a fun night, both their mums reported.

Steven gave Sabrina her corsage before the pair drove off to the high school prom. Source: Cathy Hunt / Lohud

Sabrina’s mother Cathy Hunt said her daughter went to the dance with a smile on her face, arm-in-arm with a tall, handsome and kind-hearted young man.

“Sabrina is a great kid. I just think it’s a pretty amazing thing for her self esteem for her to be able to walk in with this boy.”

Ms Kurisco said the gesture of being “nice and respectful” was something many people could learn from.