Hidden detail in Rebel Wilson's Pitch Perfect tribute sends fans wild

Rebel Wilson is the latest star to pay tribute to the first Pitch Perfect film which came out ten years ago.

While at first glance her Instagram post seems straightforward, sleuthing fans have clung to a detail in the caption.

Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson and Chrissie Fit hold up their hands with a number 4
Rebel Wilson often shares photos with her Pitch Perfect costars. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

Along with a theatrical poster for the first movie, the Aussie star wrote in the caption: “10 years ago today! Wow! Love PITCH PERFECT and everyone who was a part of making these movies so so much.

“There are so many great memories — like us Bellas huddling together like penguins in that freezing cold swimming pool all night, and we’ve been hugging each other ever since. Bellas 4 Life!”


Rebel’s famous costars chimed in on her tribute, with Brittany Snow writing, “Love you Rebs,” and Alexis Knapp adding, “Happiest 10 years!!!!”

However, the star’s fans were quick to point out the number four in Rebel’s last sentence, with many hoping it meant another sequel was coming to the trilogy.

“Bellas 4 Life, I see 4, I assume Pitch Perfect 4,” one fan wrote excitedly.

Another chimed in with a possible movie title: “Pitch Perfect: Bella’s 4 Life”.

“TEASE, I got all excited hoping it was number 4!” a third remarked.

“Girl don’t do that, I thought it was a reveal,” a disappointed fan added.

“I'm still in love with ‘the Bellas’. I jumped up for a minute thinking it's coming back to our screens,” another commented.

Shelley Regner, Ester Dean, Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Anna Camp pose on an island in beach wear
The cast still have a tight-knit bond. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

Others shared why they loved the Pitch Perfect films so much.

“We watched the Nationals scenes daily for months as it was the only way we could get our one-year-old to eat. She’s nine now and I still know the dance routine. Thanks for the memories Pitches,” a fan commented.

“Go to comfort movie, funny movie…has been the movie of choice on three first dates movie, I’ve seen [it] 30 times and I’ll watch it 300 more,” another gushed.

“TEN YEARS?! Wow. Forever a favourite. This was my emotional support movie for a long time!” added a third.

The cast of Pitch Perfect three behind the scenes including Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow
Fans have been waiting for a fourth film for years. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

The first Pitch Perfect film was a box office hit, gaining mostly positive reviews for their strong ensemble cast and catchy songs.

Actor Skylar Astin, who played the romantic lead Jesse Swanson, recently said that Rebel was sure the film would be ‘a huge hit’.

“I don’t know if she was manifesting or what, but she was so confident, [saying] ‘It’s gonna be a huge hit, it’s gonna be a franchise, you’re gonna be a heartthrob’, and I’m like, ‘Are you sure?’,” he said on The Talk.

“She was right, three movies later and you know,” the star finished.

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