The hidden clue on your dashboard you may not know about

If you’ve ever pulled up at a petrol station ready to refuel, only to find that your petrol cap is on the other side of the vehicle – this tip is sure to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

There is an easy way to tell what side of the car your fuel cap is on – and the best part? You don’t even have to leave your vehicle.

Hidden among dozens of icons on your dashboard is one symbol that will tell you which side to refuel on.

The symbol is usually located within the fuel gauge. Source: Getty
The symbol is usually located within the fuel gauge. Source: Getty

Conveniently located on or near your fuel gauge is a tiny picture of a petrol pump – and next to that pump is an arrow, pointing to the side of the car where the fuel cap is located.

While many may already know about the shortcut, hundreds of drivers have been enlightened by the information, which was shared in a Tweet over the weekend.

“How long as that been there?” one man asked. “And I thought that I had been looking at fuel gauges all my life and never noticed it!”

“Wonderful info! My husband has been selling cars for 25 years, including owning his own dealership, and he has never told me this, lol! Makes me wonder if he even knows!” another Twitter user said.

In other road news, there are calls to scrap a new rule that requires NSW drivers to slow down to 40km/h around emergency services.

The trial was meant to last 12 months but less than half-way in, the Police Union and The NRMA say it is causing unnecessary danger on our high-speed motorways.

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