Hi fine-haired folk, you need to get your hands on this viral spray

color wow raise the root
Fine-haired folk, you need this volumising spray color wow

TikTok is a glorious place, and nothing can tell me otherwise, not even my screen time 👀. I have perfectly curated my algorithm to show the best viral beauty products (yes, I’m dedicated to the 9-5), which is how I was introduced to Color Wow’s Raise the Root volume spray.

IMO, this is such an underrated beauty product. Tousle a spritz into your roots and it instantly gives the mob wife look without having to blow dry. That’s right, we’re talking XXL volume and sky-high roots which can be created on dry hair.

I've worked my way through two of these bottles, so when I sensed that my bottle was running low, I raced to stock up. Then, I was thrilled to find out that it’s currently discounted in Amazon’s Spring Deal Days sale with 36% off. So, srsly, grab it while it’s this affordable.

As someone who's no stranger to bleach, you can imagine that my lengths are pretty sad (read: frail, limp and I’ve lost an effing load of it too). So when I discovered just how volumising this mousse was, I flew to social media to share the goss, only to see that the world is already obsessed with it. Why didn’t you guys tell me sooner??

BeautyTokers have been freaking out over how this lightweight mist brings mega body ‘nd bounce to limp strands with just a few spritzes. In fact, our one and only Mikayla Nogueira tested out the spray saying: “What the f*ck, you’re telling me I can still have body and shine without having to wash my hair.”

So, how do you use this wondrous product? Well, you can spritz it through damp hair and blow dry as usual. You’ll still get an unreal level of bounce as a result. But my fave way to put Raise the Root to work is on dry hair. I mean, especially for anyone who hates wash day (because same), how can you not be impressed? And, no, there is zero crispiness, tackiness or crunchiness.

I use it on day two or three hair, section out my stands and mist a few pumps into my roots. Then, to inject that body back in, I take my trusted Shark FlexStyle and use the rounded brush to pull my lengths up.

I don’t know what kind of sorcery happens in this process, but it makes my hair feel like I've just been given a bouncy blow-dry from a professional. My lengths are light and airy but somehow appear denser and fuller. Oh, and the shine is next level, too.

I'd just like to emphasise that to get Raise the Root working, you’ve got to work the product in with a hair dryer to ensure maximum hold and bounce. I guess this is the one bugbear, as you need a little bit of time in the morning to style. But, hey, it’s fair speedier than a full hair wash. Just consider yourself INFLUENCED, and don’t even fight it.

Side note: If you prefer the feel of foams, you can opt for the Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell mousse which still provides mega volume but is designed to work on damp strands. And, errr, while you’re at it you may as well look at the legendary – yes, legendary – Dream Coat spray which is a Cosmo beauty award winner, too.

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