'He's a really great guy!' CBS Mornings star Gayle King defends Justin Timberlake after arrest

Gayle King has shot to Justin Timberlake's defence after he was arrested this week.

The 'Cry Me A River' hitmaker's car was pulled over in Sag Harbor, New York in the early hours of Tuesday (18.06.24) and he was detained on charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI) after taking a field sobriety test and allegedly refusing a breathalyser.

But 69-year-old journalist Gayle has insisted the 43-year-old pop star is a "really, really great guy".

Speaking on 'CBS Mornings', she said: "Justin Timberlake is a really, really great guy.

"Listen, this is clearly a mistake - I bet nobody knows it more than he."

After TV host Nate Burleson insisted on the show it appeared to be a "stupid mistake", Gayle said: "[He] knows that", and she continued to defend the star.

She added: "He's not an irresponsible person, he's not reckless, he's not careless.

"Clearly this is not a good thing but he knows that."

But she also said: "Driving drunk, there is never any excuse for that ever."

Justin has been charged with one count of driving while intoxicated, and he also received two citations - one for running a stop sign and another for failure to keep in lane.

His legal team have vowed to "vigorously defend" him in court.

Justin's lawyer, Edward Burke Jr. told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column in a statement: “[We] look forward to vigorously defending Mr. Timberlake against these allegations. We will have a lot to say at the appropriate time. He is currently awaiting full discovery from the DA’s office.”

According to the paperwork, the arresting officer observed Timberlake's eyes were "bloodshot and glassy, a strong odour of an alcoholic beverage was emanating from his breath, he was unable to divide attention, he had slowed speech, he was unsteady afoot, and he performed poorly on all standardised field sobriety tests".

After being taken to a police station, the report was read aloud to the former NSYNC singer. He responded: "No, I’m not doing a chemical test."

And after being read the report two more times, he replied: "I refuse [to take a chemical test]."

Following Justin's arrest, Sag Harbor Village Police Chief Robert Drake released a statement that read: “On June 18, 2024, at 12:37 AM, Justin R. Timberlake, age 43, of Tennessee, was observed operating a 2025 BMW southbound on Madison Street, failing to stop at a duly posted stop sign and failing to maintain his lane of travel.

"A traffic stop was initiated by a Police Officer from Sag Harbor Village Police Department and upon investigation it was determined that Mr. Timberlake was operating his vehicle in an intoxicated condition.

"Mr. Timberlake was placed under arrest, process, and held overnight for morning arraignment.

"Mr. Timberlake was arraigned at the Sag Harbor Village Justice Court on June 18, 2024, at 9:30 AM where he was released on his own recognizance.”

Justin is due to return to court on July 26.