Hero stranger brings teen back to life

A hero stranger has saved the life of a young football player who collapsed after having a heart attack at a suburban game in Victoria.

Liam Birch, 19, is recovering in hospital. He had a brush with death playing Rupertwsood at Wallan.

“(The) last thing I remember was the ball getting thrown in and just getting dizzy in the head and that’s all I remember,” he told 7 News.

“I remember waking up and not knowing what was going on.”

A stranger has managed to save the life of 19-year-old Liam Birch (right) after he collapsed, suffering a heart attack, at a football game. Source: 7 News

 Liam had suffered a heart attack, but luckily teacher Tony Freeman was walking past. 

Mr Freeman jumped the fence and rushed to help. 

“I knew this boy had no heartbeat so I knew that if he didn’t get CPR he was going to die,” he said.

The teacher began doing compressions. He noticed Liam was turning blue and screamed for a defibrillator while the teen’s father Adam rushed to his side.

Teacher Tony Freeman has been hailed a hero. Source: 7 News

Mr Birch said his son looked up “blankly” and described Liam’s expression as “horrific”.

But luckily, he defibrillator worked and Liam was brought back to life. Mr Freeman has been hailed a hero. 

“(I) gave him a big hug even kissed him on the cheek,” Mr Birch said.

“He’s basically our hero. He saved our son’s life.”

Liam’s dad Adam embraces him in hospital.. Source: 7 News

Liam was rushed to the Northern Hospital where cardiologists are trying to work out why his heart stopped. 

Mr Birch has campaigned for years for the club to get defibrillators. He never thought one of them would eventually be used to save his boy.

His son now believes “every sporting club, every workplace” should have one. 

Liam can’t wait to get back on the field but he hasn’t forgotten about the man saved him. 

“I can’t thank him enough,” he said.