Hero pitbull breaks out of home to find help for owner during gas leak

A heroic pitbull has broken out of her home to lead police to a gas leak.

Sadie, a 27-kilogram pitbull, was found barking in the streets of Tuckahoe, New York, on Wednesday about 3.30pm, CBS New York reports.

Police received a call about the pooch’s barking and thought she was just a dog on the loose.

But Sadie led officers back to the home of her owner Serena Costello.

Sadie the pitbull alerted police to a gas leak at her owner’s home after she was found wandering the streets. Source: CBS New York

When police arrived at the home Tuckahoe Police Lieutenant Lawrence Rotta said a door was ajar with the smell of natural gas emanating from the house. 

“Natural gas inside the house can accumulate to the point where god forbid someone would come home and turn on a light switch there could be a potential explosion,” Lt Rotta told CNN.

Ms Costello wasn’t home at the time but she’s relieved her dog managed to alert someone to the gas leak.

Sadie initially tried scratching her way out the front door before eventually managing to escape out the back.

Sadie managed to escape out the back door. Source: CBS New York

“She really is a hero,” Ms Costello told CNN.

Ms Costello added it’s the first time her dog has tried to escape the house.

She still doesn’t know how Sadie managed to open the back door.

Serena Costello said her pooch is a hero. Source: CBS New York

In July last year, a Golden Retriever was hailed a hero for protecting his owner from a rattlesnake while out on a hike in Arizona.

In April, a Jack Russell Terrier went searching for help after her elderly owner had a fall at their Blacktown home in Sydney’s west.

Princess went to find neighbours and brought keys to them so they could help her 84-year-old owner.

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