'He's everyone's hero': Slain officer Brett Forte remembered by proud family

The loved ones of Senior Constable Brett Forte have thanked the police service and community for their support saying they’ll never forget their hero.

A third generation police officer, Brett Forte was also a brother, husband and son.

"Brett was a very good police officer, his mum and I are extremely proud of him,” his heart-broken father Stuart Forte told 7 News.

Father Stuart remembers his hero son Brett. Source: 7 News

"This shows that the public appreciates what the police do for them when somebody makes the ultimate sacrifice that their thoughts are with us."

After two dark days showing incredible grace and composure the family felt it was important to visit the memorial and read the various cards and messages from colleagues who loved him and strangers who've honoured his service.

"He is a hero, he's our hero and I think he's everyone's hero, up here in Toowoomba and Australia wide really, really proud." his brother Luke Forte said.

Brett’s three-year-old son Sam also visited the memorial on Wednesday with his family.

Brett Forte died a hero doing the job he loved. Source: 7 News
Brett's young son, Sam, visited the memorial with his family. Source: 7 News

“I guess I've been through it before but never this personally when other people I've worked with have died in the line of duty,” Stuart Forte said.

“This time unfortunately its my family, our family - we're banding together now the police have been supportive."

Brett’s stepdaughter, Emma Morris, also came to read the messages.

"It's awful that such a beautiful person could be taken from us all."

"Brett was the best family man, everyone knew his humour.”

Brett and his wife Susie on their wedding day. Source: 7 News

The Forte family and the force are all rallying behind Brett's wife Susie.

"I don't know how she's gonna cope or what we're all gonna do,” Emma continued.

When asked how Brett’s wife was coping, father Stuart answered: “Susie is still a bit of a mess but she's getting better.

"She's with us 24/7, we're not getting a lot of sleep.”

As the Forte family deals with their own grief they're also reaching out to others affected including those officers involved in Tuesday's final shootout.

The family have also expressed thanks for colleagues who were with him at the end.

"Particularly his partner Kath and the two officers from Helidon in the car behind pulled Brett out and tried to save his life,” Stuart said.

"Everyone who’s given support been amazing, I can't believe, can't thank everyone enough," Luke Forte said.

Friends and family say Brett was the joker and the life of the party.

"One of his report cards when he came home from high school said he was the class clown and it's true.

"He was a larrikin, the king of one liners."