Hero chemist stabbed in face with screwdriver trying to save co-worker

A chemist has been stabbed in the face with a screwdriver while trying to protect a co-worker during a robbery at Bankstown.

The wounded pharmacist fought off the attacker, then chased him with a chair.

The incident happened at 5.30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Suzie Mealeski was closing up when she was approached by the man shown in this CCTV footage.

Suzie Mealeski is approached by a man inside a Bankstown pharmacy. Source: 7 News
The man then rushes towards the woman, holding a screwdriver to her neck. Source: 7 News

He requested Panadol and then demanded cash, holding a screwdriver to the woman's neck.

However, Ms Mealeski was not alone. Pharmacist Tom Hayek heard his friend's screams and rushed to her aid.

Pharmacist Tom Hayek confronts the offender. Source: 7 News
The pharmacist is struck in the face with the screwdriver. Source: 7 News

He confronted the offender and was struck twice in the face, once with the screwdriver.

After the bungled robbery the pharmacist chased the would-be thief out onto the street where there was a second scuffle.

He tried to hold the robber until police arrived, but the offender broke free and was last seen running down a nearby alleyway.

The hold-up isn't the only one police are investigating in the area.

There was a similar robbery in Yagoona earlier this week. Source: 7 News

On Tuesday in Yagoona, a similar robbery occurred.

A man entered a pharmacy at the end of the day and workers complied with his demands, giving him $1000 in cash.

One of the victims was only 15 years old.

One 15-year-old victim of the Yagoona robbery is still

"She's still shaken up, she didn't go to school and she'll probably need a bit of counselling," Yagoona pharmacy owner Gladis Hanna said.

Police are now investigating if the two incidents are linked.