Here's what Curly Sue star Alisan Porter looks like today

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The movie Curly Sue came hot on the heels of the popularity of Macaulay Culkin in Uncle Buck and Home Alone.

Alisan Porter, who played the adorable 10-year-old orphan Sue, was just as feisty and fun as Macauley's characters.

Written and produced by the same team as Home Alone and Uncle Buck, Curly Sue was a hit at the box office, though not so loved by the critics.

Alisan Porter in the movie Curly Sue opposite Jim Belushi. At left, she smilings winningly at someone off screen, while her co-star also smiles; at right she is more serious.
Alisan Porter was just nine when she starred as the adorable mop-haired Sue opposite Jim Belushi in Curly Sue. Photo: YouTube

But what happened to the child actress who played the title role in the John Hughes film?

At just five years old, she became the youngest contestant to win on Star Search after a producer heard her singing in a hotel lobby and put her on the next show.


Unsurprisingly, her talent caught the eye of film producers and, just four years later, she was the child lead in the 1991 Curly Sue.

While she continued with a few TV shows, movies and musical theatre while still at school, she mainly led a normal life.

Actress and singer Alisan Porter from her Instagram account. at left she strikes a post wearing a palm patterned wrap, with long brown hair loose; at right she takes a selfie with a coastal themed room in the background, wearing black.
Alisan Porter shares pictures of her and her family on her Instagram account. Photo: Instagram/@iam_alisanporter

In 2015 she revealed to Oprah Winfrey why she had turned her back on Hollywood.

"It wasn't fun for me anymore," she said. "There was no joy in it for me, because I think I just wanted to be doing normal kid things."

She also hid a dark secret, she had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for 10 years.

“I did cocaine, I smoked pot, I drank, I took whatever pill people were taking at the time,” Alisan told Inside Edition.

In a familiar path for child stars, she struggled with fame and the loss of it, while having access to a very adult world.

"Where is that adoration? Where is that love? And how can I feel that again?" she said of the reason she turned to drugs and alcohol.

Luckily she sought help and has been clean and sober since her mid-20s.

Alisan sings with feeling into the microphone with one had raised wearing a black dress and metallic jewellery on the 2016 edition of The Voice winning the show! Photo: Instagram/@iam_alisanporter
Alisan appeared on the 2016 edition of The Voice and ended up winning the show. Photo: Instagram/@iam_alisanporter

In 2016, she was launched back into the spotlight after she appeared on The Voice.

"A friend of mine gave my name to one of the casting directors," Alisan said. "She (the casting director) called.

"I thought about it. I thought, 'What the heck?'"

Not only did all four judges turn for her, but she also ended up winning the series - a first for a contestant of a female mentor, Christina Aguilera!

"It was all unexpected. It was a very positive experience." Alisan said. "Obviously, winning was amazing; working again.

"It was amazing to branch out in this business — if nothing else, just make a living singing."

Alisan and her partner, professional choreographer Justin, with their daughter Shilo and Aria and Mason from her previous marriage. They all look into the camera, except for the baby Shilo.
Alisan and her partner, professional choreographer Justin, share a daughter Shilo and she has Aria and Mason from her previous marriage. Photo: Instagram/@iam_alisanporter

Now, at 41, she is still enjoying her singing career while being a mum to three children: Mason Blaise, 10, Aria Sage, eight, and baby Shilo Bee.

However, Alisan will forever be remembered as the wild-haired kid in Curly Sue!

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