Her style wasn't the only reason 'Jeopardy!' fans love this contestant

A new fan favorite emerged on Thursday’s “Jeopardy!,” when contestant Cindy Zhang won over viewers not only with her brains, but also her stylish fashion choices. One viewer tweeted, “Cindy’s the best dressed Jeopardy contestant I’ve seen in a long time. The sleeves on this blouse. The glasses. The bangs. I’m here for it.”

Fans were also mesmerized by Cindy’s penmanship, like this viewer who tweeted, “Nevermind the actual game, I want to know how Cindy on Jeopardy tonight wrote her name so perfectly, including serifs!” In fact so many viewers complimented her writing on Twitter that Cindy felt compelled to tweet a response, complete with serifs.

And while she didn’t quite wager enough in Final Jeopardy! to win the game, she won over fans with her unique taste and her obsession with all the crazy Japanese flavors of Kit Kat.

“They have so many different regional varieties, and you can only get them in specific regions in train stations,” Zhang said. “So they range anywhere from, like, you know, green tea, like matcha, to soybeans, Cheetos.”

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