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I Know I Shouldn't Laugh, But These 18 Extremely Dumb Things People Posted On The Internet Last Month Are Killing Me

1.On nails:

"damn how's the colors switch orders between pictures wtf"

2.On relationships:


3.On brain issues:

"How does the brain anus rhythm instantly kill you"

4.On the miracle of birth:

"A C-section is a C-section and a birth is a birth"

5.On the end of the world:

"Are y'all what y'all gonna do if a zombie a pack of lips really happened??"

6.On the good ol' USA:

"No its not."

7.On public school:

"Looking at your grammar, your parents failed you"

8.On great warriors of history:

"That's an std commonly known as general warts."

9.On paint:

"I been telling my customers this for years"

10.On rocks:

"What kind of ore"

11.On great characters:

"To see a great character die like that is heart ranching!"

12.On math:

"Some of you can't do math"

13.On geology:

"It's an institutional lie and is not science"

14.On illness:

"You know cancer screenings are a thing, right?"

15.On sunscreen:

"That souns like something a toxic chemical would do to your skin"

16.On expertise:

17.On mRNA:

"You don't know what mRNA is do you?"

18.And on rats:

"It's because wild rats don't actually exist."

Hmmm. Big if true.