Heavy monsoon season drenches northern Australia

Saturating monsoon rains continue to move across Australia's north with far north Queensland on flood alert as heavy falls of up to 300mm hit the region.

A deep tropical air mass extends over the Northern Territory and northern Queensland, causing a broad area of showers and thunderstorms.

The Bureau of Meteorology warns the slow-moving system could linger near the southern Gulf of Carpentaria coast for several days.

Widespread daily rainfall totals of 20-40mm are likely, with isolated falls of 70-100mm possible across saturated catchments.

Flash and riverine flooding is occurring in some areas with heavy falls possible on Monday, mainly along the coast south of Cairns.

Several major far-north roads have been closed due to landslides and fallen trees.

Water levels are expected to continue to rise across the north Queensland catchment area throughout the week.

Rising floodwaters have forced hundreds to evacuate across remote communities as the monsoon moved across the Top End.

Elevated water levels remain across parts of the NT's Victoria River with the Victoria River Crossing still flooded, though the rain has started to ease.

A section of road linking the NT and northern parts of WA has closed to flooding, sparking concerns about the supply of fresh food into the region after alternative road access was cut off in January.

Further south, 200m of rail line washed away between Alice Springs and Darwin, with food supplies rerouted via road.

Australian Defence Force troops were called in to help evacuate 400 people, with evacuees to start to head home this week as floodwaters recede

In Queensland, flood warnings are in place across the Gulf Country including the lower Flinders, Cloncurry, Georgina, Nicholson, Leichardt, Norman and Diamantina rivers.

A moderate warning is also in place for Eyre Creek, the BOM reports.

Major flooding is occurring along the Flinders River downstream of Richmond and at Walkers Bend the river is currently at 9.48m and rising, with major flooding.

The Norman River at Normanton is expected to remain above the minor flood level for the next few days.

Levels across the Gilbert River catchment are mostly easing.