Heartwarming story behind photo of police officer and injured dog

A photo of a police officer comforting a dog has touched countless people after it was shared online.

Deputy Sheriff Josh Fiorelli, from Osceola County in the US state of Florida, went “above and beyond the call of duty” when he responded to an incident where a dog had accidentally been hit by a car. 

The police officer can be seen in the image sitting beside the injured animal with his hand on her head and, according to WFTV, placed his own coat over her to make sure she was warm.

He told the news outlet she was wet and out cold when he arrived.

“She didn’t have anyone there so I decided to be that person,” Deputy Fiorelli told WFTV. 

The police officer sat with the dog and comforted her. Source: Carlos L Irizarry Sr./ Facebook

The police officer said the dog was not defensive and was accepting of him trying to look after her.

The original photo was shared on Facebook by Carlos L Irizarry Sr. a couple of days ago, which he reportedly captured after spotting the police officer helping the injured animal while he was out walking his own dog.

“God bless him. You don’t see this every day!!!!!! (sic)” Carlos L Irizarry Sr wrote online.

According to Mr Irizarry’s post, the person whose car struck the dog waited until police arrived.

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office also shared the image in a post which has amassed nearly 1000 reactions on Facebook.

The sheriff posted a personal thank you to the Deputy Sheriff Josh Fiorelli online. Source: Russ Gibson/ Facebook

“Thank you Deputy Fiorelli for serving with care and compassion,” the sherriff’s office wrote.

Sheriff Russell Gibson also thanked the officer online, saying he went “above and beyond the call of duty this morning with the love and care he provided to this little helpless dog”.

The officer waited with the injured dog until animal control arrived at the scene.

Many Facebook users commented on the post and praised the deputy’s actions.

“What an amazing person he is,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Not only a good officer, but a truly good man.”

“Thanks for caring about our animal residents as well,” a third Facebook user said.

It is believed the dog, who is currently being looked after at a local animal shelter, will recover but she will need surgery.

Her owner had not been found as the animal was not microchipped and did not have a collar.