Heartwarming photo of jumping castle survivor in hospital emerges

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Just over a week since the tragic incident at Hillcrest Primary school, a relative of one of the injured children has shared a heartwarming update of him recovering in hospital.

Declean Brown, 12, was one of the nine children injured when the inflatable play equipment — including a jumping castle and several inflatable zorb balls — were lifted about 10 metres in the air at the Tasmanian school last Thursday.

Declean's uncle, David Best, posted an update on his nephew's condition to Facebook on Friday saying it had been a "tough week".

Declean in hospital bed with partly shaved head eating pizza.
Declean Brown was injured in the jumping castle tragedy. Source: Facebook/David Best

"He has put up one hell of a fight and is now awake and has a long road ahead," Mr Best wrote in the post, alongside two photos of Declean, including one of him eating a slice of pizza while sitting up in his hospital bed.

"Well done little dude and enjoy that requested [pizza]," he wrote. "So proud of you. Stay strong and see you soon.

"My heart still breaks for the family's that lost [their] loved ones.

Declean looking at camera with tube running into his nose.
Declean Brown is on his way to recovery. Source: Facebook

Six students died in tragic accident 

Declean and one other boy who was badly injured are no longer in intensive care and have improved from a critical condition to stable.

On Tuesday, another survivor Beau Medcraft posted a video to Australian country-rock musician Casey Barnes, thanking people for their support after the devastating accident.

“Thanks for all the support and all the awesome people that commented,” he said.

"I watched your video again and thought it was very nice.”

Beau,12, broke both arms and shattered his wrist.

Hillcrest primary school sign surrounded by flowers.
The devastating incident has shattered the small town of Devonport. Source: AAP

Sadly, six of his school friends lost their lives in the freak accident.

Addison Stewart and Chace Harrison, both 11, and Zane Mellor, Jye Sheehan, Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones and Peter Dodt, all 12, died from their injuries. 

A funeral for Zane was held on Thursday and Jye was remembered on Friday in Davenport. Funerals for Peter Dodt, Jalailah Jones, and Addison Stewart, will be held in Devonport after Christmas.

Police and WorkSafe Tasmania continue to investigate the circumstances around the accident and will provide reports to the coroner.

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