Heartwarming news for dog allegedly starved by vengeful ex-girlfriend

A dog allegedly left malnourished by a vengeful ex-girlfriend has found a new home.

Champ, a one-year-old Mastiff mix, was found malnourished, covered in maggots and worms and tied to a tree at a home in South Carolina in August, WSPA reports.

Animal control told the TV station Champ was being looked after by Elizabeth James after her ex-boyfriend left the dog at the home.

Sheriff’s Captain Chris Martin said James “intentionally” didn’t feed Champ. It’s believed he had gone without food or water for more than 30 days.

Elizabeth James allegedly starved Champ after her ex-boyfriend left the dog at home. Source: Laurans County Jail and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

The dog was also more than 20 kilograms underweight, The Greenville News reports.

James was jailed with bail set at $21,000.

Champ is recovering after being malnourished and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared pictures and video of the pup on Facebook scoffing down bowls of boiled chicken.

Police said Champ hadn’t been fed in 30 days. Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

On Sunday, the group posted on Instagram Champ had managed to find a new home with a family who “loves him to the moon”. 

“They were very carefully chosen as apparently I’m pretty famous and everyone wants the best for me,” the post said.

“I assure you all, I am getting the best.”

The post received more than 5700 likes and was flooded with comments from people happy for Champ’s good fortune.

The pup was found to be more than 20kg underweight. Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

“So happy for you, Champ! You deserve all the love ever!” one person wrote. 

“After all you have endured you deserve to be with a family who will make sure you are loved and happy! Wish you nothing but a bright and loving future ahead for you!” another added. 

Others commented on the dog’s transformation from a skinny, sad pup to a happy, well-fed dog.

“Yeah Champ, you’re looking gorgeous!” one wrote.

The dog with his new owners. Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC