Heartwarming moment policeman rescue puppies from storm drain

Heartwarming video has emerged of a policeman’s daring rescue of orphaned puppies trapped in a storm drain.

The footage was taken by a Western Australian police officer, who crawled about 10 metres into a storm drain to retrieve the litter of puppies in Meekathrarra, in the mid west of the state on Thursday.

“Hey puppies, hey, time to go,” the officer is heard saying as he picks up the puppies one by one.

The officer was then pulled out of a drain by a strap attached to his ankle.

The puppies were born on Monday, but their mother died from critical injuries on Wednesday. They require bottle feeding every four hours.

“Officers were concerned if the puppies weren’t removed from the drain they would die of starvation and dehydration as their mum was no longer there to look after them,” WA Police said in a statement.

The opening to the storm drain in Meekatharra, WA. Source: WA Police

“An officer crawled through the drain that was about 60cm wide and 40cm high to reach the puppies.

“He was then pulled back through the drain by a strap that was tied around his ankle.”

The puppies are being cared for by Senior Constable Rich Hall, who works with a local rescue group called SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanasia).

Senior Constable Hall has rescued over 100 animals including dogs, cats and joeys, in the past year.

The puppies were orphaned when their mother died on Wednesday. Source: WA Police