'There is good in this world': Couple's kind act for little girl travelling by herself

Kind-hearted travellers have won the praise of hundreds after taking a little girl under their wing while she flew solo to visit her mother.

The child had apparently been behaving poorly while boarding the Southwest Airlines flight from Indianapolis to Baltimore in the United States, and other passengers had avoided occupying the two seats next to her.

An onlooker posting on social media explained how, due to there being no allocated seating on the airline, many adults had ignored the child and made efforts to avoid her, until one brave couple came along and sat down next to her.

“Within minutes the young girl began chatting and the couple likely realised this wouldn’t be a relaxing flight, and they just rolled with it,” he wrote.

The couple shown following the girl's instructions with their painting. Source: Facebook

“As drinks were being served the couple didn’t even get a chance to voice their requests because they were cut off by the young girl stating: ‘I’ll take water with a straw and so will they so we can paint’, and they just rolled with it.”

Not long after, the girl apparently got out her painting sheets and demanded the pair spend the next hour following her instructions.

After that, she took to plastering stickers all over the man sitting next to her.

“They are on his ears, in his beard, arms, everywhere. And he is just rolling with it,” the observer wrote.

He shared how the patience shown by the couple had helped restore his faith in humanity.

“Moral of the story: There is good in this world. In fact there is more good than bad in this world if we just open our eyes to it.

“There isn’t a script or instruction manual for love. You just have to roll with it.”

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