Heartstopper's Alice Oseman shares exciting update

Heartstopper creator Alice Oseman has confirmed she's writing the sixth and final graphic novel in her acclaimed series.

Oseman, who also serves as the main writer and executive producer on the Netflix adaptation, had previously announced the sixth volume will be the last one in the romantic saga of Nick and Charlie.

The author admitted finding working on the last-ever Heartstopper "a little bit scary," as she told People.

joe locke as charlie and kit connor as nick kissing in heartstopper season 2
Samuel Dore/Netflix

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However, Oseman is also excited about what other endeavours lie ahead as her young adult series draws to a close.

"I am really looking forward to writing about adults," she said.

"That is something that I've just never had the opportunity to do... I'd love to try writing more for screen. I've really enjoyed writing the TV show and I would love to do more of that, whether that's something original or I would love to try adapting someone else's book. I think that could be really fun. It's all a mystery right now, so we'll see."

alice oseman
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As for the Netflix show, Oseman previously shared that production on season three wrapped last December.

"We have a few more hours of our final day to get through, but I wanted to express how deeply grateful I am to the cast and crew for their hard work, dedication, skill and endurance over the past 11 weeks, and for once again bringing a season of Heartstopper to life," she posted on Instagram.

"Season 3 takes Heartstopper into uncharted territory and it presented a range of new challenges for our cast and crew, but everyone did the most incredible job and I am so excited to share what we’ve all been working on."

Heartstopper seasons 1-2 are streaming on Netflix. Season 3 is in production.

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