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Heartbreaking update after Queensland parents charged with torturing baby

Family and friends of a Queensland baby who allegedly died at the hands of his parents continue to mourn his loss, sharing a heartbreaking update in the wake of the devastating tragedy.

The body of baby Rhuan was found at his home in northwest Brisbane by emergency services on November 3. His parents Reinhardt Bosch, 33, and Noemi Kondacs, 22, are accused of torturing the seven-month-old at their home, causing his death.

Queensland police said the family's home was "just the most horrendous and confronting scene that you could ever face" for the officers and paramedics who arrived.

The couple, who have been reported to be "deeply religious", have since been charged with one count each of murder and torture.

Ryan Bosch, 33, and Noemi Kondacs, 22 pictured.
The father and mother are from South Africa and Germany, respectively, court documents show. Source: Facebook/GoFundMe

Family friend Kelly Cousins started a GoFundMe page to raise funds to make sure the young baby could be "honoured with a beautiful funeral service".

"He was here for such a short time but he was loved so dearly," she wrote.

"I am appealing to the community to help honour this gorgeous little boy who deserved just so much better. Hearts are broken everywhere by what has happened to Rhuan but we can perhaps find some peace in making sure he is remembered in a beautiful way."

Started just three days, it took hardly any time for the page to raise the required funds. Updating the fundraising campaign page on Saturday after it reached more than $4,600, Ms Cousins thanked everyone who had donated.

"Thank you all so much ... You have been instrumental in removing a huge extra stress from the family of Baby Rhuan."

Grandfather's poem for baby Rhuan

Earlier, she shared a poem which she said was written by the grieving maternal grandfather of the child.

"Why?" the tribute started.

"How could this happen? Why you?

"Your name is Rhuan.

"Nobody will understand.

"The sorrow which your absence caused will never end.

"But to hear about your suffering and the impossibility to help is our greatest pain.

"Nothing will be the same as before."

Please help remember little Rhuan (pictured), the fundraising page urged.
Please help remember little Rhuan, the fundraising page urged. Source: GoFundMe

Appearing via video link both parents faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court on November 4, without speaking during the brief appearance. Their cases were adjourned to December 5.

Bosch, who police said made the initial call to paramedics which saw authorities arrive at the family home, faces an additional charge of assault occasioning bodily harm while armed, allegedly committed against Rhuan, between April 11 and November 3.

The 33 year-old-man works as a youth carer, court documents show, AAP reported.

He was born in Pretoria, South Africa, while Kondacs is from Stuttgart in Germany, the court documents say.

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