Heartbreaking 'Pose' series finale has fans sobbing on Twitter

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the series finale of Pose.

The two-hour series finale of Pose had viewers in tears Sunday night after making us believe Pray Tell, portrayed by the amazing Billy Porter, was going to have a happily ever after.

Pray and Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) managed to get added to a clinical trial for an experimental AIDS drug cocktail, which saw positive results. However, just when viewers thought their beloved character was safe, Pose pulled a fast one.

The heartbreaking moment when Ricky found Pray dead in his bed had devastated viewers taking to Twitter to express their grief and, later in the episode, it was revealed that the reason the trial meds didn't work for Pray was because he was secretly giving all of his pills to Ricky, unbeknownst to the latter, which tore at fans' heartstrings even more.

"Pray told me not to worry, that he had some new medication for me. He said he had the hookup with the doctors in the trial. So, I've been going to his place every week for the past two months. And he always got more for me. It didn't really make sense that the doctors would just give him extra pills, but the spot went away, and I got strong again, so I let it go. I figured he was just swiping it from the trial," explained Ricky. However, when Judy explained that "there's no way he could've swiped anything," and "there's no way in hell they're gonna give anybody an extra dose," Ricky realized Pray had sacrificed his life for his.

Fortunately, the remainder of the finale went on to eventually end happily, and viewers got the closure they deserved, when Blanca introduced a new generation of LGBTQ+ youths representing the House of Evangelista, echoing Pray as she told them, "Houses are homes to all the little boys and girls who never had one. And they're gonna keep coming here, to New York City, sure as the sun rises. So, what you gotta do is work harder. Reach higher. And dream big until you triumph. It won't happen today, but one day. And when you do, I'm gonna be right in there cheering you on."

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