'Sickening act': Scary find in bag dumped in garbage bin

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A couple have made an “appalling” find inside a garbage bin with authorities now seeking the people or person responsible.

Luke Hewick and his partner Lauren Hartley were passing by the bin in Kingswood, Hull in East Yorkshire, England, on July 4 about 7.30pm when they heard frightened cries coming from inside.

Mr Hewick said they had stopped to pat a cat they found and kept walking. They heard meowing and assumed the cat had continued to follow them.

“I turned around and couldn't see anything and then Lauren said the sound was coming from around the bin,” he said.

“Then she saw the bag inside the bin move so I tentatively put my hand in and pulled out the Asda bag.”

A garbage bin is pictured.
Luke Hewick and his partner Lauren Hartley found two kittens wrapped in a bag inside this bin. Source: RSPCA UK

Mr Hewick said inside he found two “shaking and scared and soaking wet” kittens.

“I ran home to get some towels and we wrapped them up, took them home and called the RSPCA. We were happy to keep them for the night and look after them but they soon won us over and we have decided to keep them ourselves,” he said.

“We have only had them a few days but their playful personalities are already coming out.”

The kittens were also given names: Roscoe and Cooper.

Mr Hewick said he’s not sure why anyone would dump the cats adding “they are really cute”.

Two kittens are pictured wrapped in a towel.
The kittens have been named Roscoe and Cooper. Source: RSPCA UK

Dumped kittens would have suffocated: RSPCA

He is also concerned they could have suffocated in the bag.

"I think it was fate that we walked that way and came across the kittens and that we were destined to keep them,” he said.

"But I would like to help find the person responsible for such a sickening act of cruelty."

RSPCA inspector Natalie Hill said the search is now on to find whoever dumped Roscoe and Cooper.

“This is appalling and whoever is responsible must be callous to discard two kittens in a bag and throw them away like rubbish,” she said.

“If it wasn't for Luke and Lauren luckily finding them they would have suffered a lingering and terrifying death.”

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