'The heartache is real': Plant pot containing buried miscarried baby stolen

A Queensland woman has pleaded with thieves to return a plant pot taken from outside her home that contained her miscarried grandchild.

Laura Tamati took to Facebook on Wednesday to reveal a large blue pot with a rose plant in it had been swiped from her doorstep in Slacks Creek, south of Brisbane.

The large blue pot was taken from their south Brisbane home on Wednesday. Source: Facebook/ Lara Tamati

Unknowing to the thieves, her daughter’s miscarriage had been buried in the pot and now she worries it may be lost forever.

“Our daughter and son in law lost their beautiful rainbow baby, which was too young to be clinically buried,” she explained.

“So we buried him underneath this rose in his pot, where he has sat for over a year getting the afternoon sun and watching the world go by.”

Ms Tamati has pleaded with the thieves to return the pot. Source: Facebook/ Lara Tamati

She said the pot’s disappearance was difficult to comprehend for all.

“Words can not describe the utter f****** disgust I feel at this moment,” she said.

“The heartache is real.”

She has asked for the pot to be returned to her home, hoping the contents haven’t been tipped out.

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