Hearing for cop on AFL coach photo charges

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A Victoria Police detective challenging claims he was involved in the leak of details about former AFL coach Dani Laidley's arrest did access some information, his lawyer says.

But there's an ongoing issue about where a photo of Ms Laidley came from, Murray Gentner's barrister has told a court hearing in Melbourne.

Gentner, 43, is facing six charges including accessing and disclosing police information, and wilful misconduct in public office.

It's alleged he accessed details about Ms Laidley's arrest including a photograph, custody number and the fact of her remand overnight in May 2020, and that he shared it with a number of people.

He's also accused of relaying details of charges against Ms Laidley, the alleged victim and her address, and made references to Ms Laidley as "now a full blown ice head and tranny".

Chris Carr SC said a contested hearing would need to be held, hearing from six police witnesses.

"A lot of the facts won't be in dispute but there'll be an issue about what my client accessed and what other people accessed," he said on Friday.

He said the evidence would show Gentner accessed certain material and that he provided information to other people.

"There's an issue about where a photograph came from," he said.

Gentner appeared in court by videolink but did not say anything and had his camera turned off.

The contested hearing is scheduled to begin on February 23, 2022.

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