“We heard a loud piercing scream… and a NO!”: Witnesses tell a different version of events over the Gold Coast woman’s balcony death

Bree Robinson, a twenty-one-year-old Gold Coast Titans cheerleader fell eleven storeys to her death in 2013, and, the only person in the room with her that night was her boyfriend, Dan Shearin.

He claims he watched her commit suicide.

The compelling evidence uncovered by Sunday Night is now being used by Queensland Police as they re-investigate this baffling case.”

Bree Robinson and boyfriend Dan Shearin. Photo: Sunday Night
Bree Robinson's family. Photo: Sunday Night

Over the past few months, Sunday Night has tracked down the many witnesses who tell a very different story to that of Dan Shearin.

Dan did not receive directly or indirectly any payment from the Seven Network for his participation in the story.

While he claims he was in bed in the moments leading up to Bree’s death, the couple living underneath, Ben and Meika, heard something very different.

They talk about a loud argument right up until the point Bree went over the balcony.

“You couldn’t make out what it was so you just heard muffled you could hear a male and female voice through the floor.”

Something Dan denies.

“It was just it was just a silly little disagreement that’s all it was.”

“It wasn’t you know, a screaming match, it wasn’t any hateful kind of words or anything other than the text messages that I sent,” he said.

Then, there’s also the two men who worked desperately on Bree to try and save her life. The twenty-one-year old had extensive injuries from her fall but they kept her alive until paramedics arrived.

Buddy Hadid, a resident at Dan and Bree’s apartment block, says Dan did not help save his girlfriend’s life.

Gordon, the building security manager recalls that Dan rang his lawyer straight away.

“He was onto his lawyer.”

“His lawyer turned up onto the scene almost just before the cops got there.”

This entire time Bree’s family has been waiting for answers, and they believe Dan Shearin has plenty to explain.

“I tried the parent thing, it’s not safe, he’s not safe,” Elaine Robinson, Bree’s mother said.

Mr Shearin sat down with Sunday Night to answer these tough questions and many more. It’s his first ever interview on the subject.

The forty-four-year-old has a criminal history that include multiple charges, apprehended violence orders and domestic violence orders filed by multiple women against him, but, he does not think he is a dangerous man.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a dangerous man, I’d say I’m an asshole,” Mr Shearin said.

Reporter: Denham Hitchcock

Producer: Rebecca Cox