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Headless crocodile mysteriously washes up on tourist beach

An expert revealed to Yahoo News the likely cause of death.

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A headless crocodile mysteriously washed up on a tourist beach near a fancy hotel, concerning holidaymakers and local residents.

The croc measured over two metres (6ft 6ins) in length and was spotted on the shoreline near the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa in the popular Marina Vallarta area of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico on Tuesday.

Patrolling lifeguards came across the grim remains, which were reportedly in an advanced state of decomposition suggesting it had been dead for a while. The reptile had also been decapitated although the exact cause of death is unknown.

Dead croc washed up on Mexico tourist beach.
The crocodile had been decapitated. Source: JamPress (JamPress)

The environmental authorities arrived on the scene to dispose of the crocodile’s carcass. It is unclear if the crocodile had been beheaded by the propellers of a passing boat, or if someone deliberately attacked the animal before throwing its body in the river, from where it was then dragged out to sea. The animal could have also been attacked by an even larger croc.

'Very likely' another croc killed it

Tommy Hayes, a crocodile handler from Queensland told Yahoo News Australia it's "very likely another animal did kill it" given it's small size — although it wouldn't be the case if it were bigger.

However, "if it’s just the head and nothing else is damaged" it's possible that someone decapitated it. It's "very common" around the world for people to keep crocodile heads as trophies, he said, confirming it's "very unlikely a boat did the damage".

Dead crocodile washed up on beach in mexico.
It's likely another animal beheaded the reptile, an expert said. Source: JamPress (JamPress)

In April, the discovery of a decapitated crocodile on a Far North Queensland beach sparked fear the animals are being targeted out of "retribution". The shocking find angered many locals who love seeing them in their natural Daintree environment.

A wildlife expert later warned of a potentially devastating domino effect the 'croc massacre' could have within the already fragile ecosystems.

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