A volcano in Hawaii is erupting green gems

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A volcano in Hawaii has left local residents amazed after it started spitting out green gems.

People have taken to social media to share pictures of the pretty jewels now erupting from the Kilauea, weeks after it began releasing ash and lava.

The tiny green crystals, known as olivines, are a common mineral that can be found in rapidly cooled lava.

Geology just proved it’s gorgeous after a volcano in Hawaii started erupting green gems. Source: Twitter/ErinJordan
The Kilauea has been active for over a month, but previously only spat out lava and ash. Source: Getty

They’re formed when the blast from the eruption forcibly separates the mineral from the rest of the molten and as a result, form as the dazzling gemstones.

While the volcano is still very much active and dangerous, it hasn’t stopped those discovering the gems scattered across the land and branding nature “amazing”.

Images of the stunning side-effect have gone viral, with many unable to believe it’s raining gems.

One user joked the volcano had made a mistake, teasing it should be spitting out diamonds instead.

“Where are the diamonds, we need diamonds,” they wrote. “Voclano can’t even volcano right.”

It’s not known how much longer Kilauea will continue to erupt for.

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