‘I haven’t changed’: Miriam Margolyes drops the F-bomb during This Morning interview

Miriam Margolyes apologised to This Morning viewers after a typically forthright and expletive-laden interview on the ITV breakfast show.

On Wednesday (13 September), the Bafta-winning British-Australian actor spoke candidly to host Holly Willoughby about her sex life and vaginal steaming, while also advising callers about their love lives.

When one woman called in to complain about a partner who paid no attention to them when they got home from work, Margoyles suggested she strip naked and “showed him what she’s got”.

The 82-year-old went on to suggest that he put the “f***ing phone away”, mouthing the swear word.

Willoughby stepped in to apologise on her behalf, explaining that most viewers would be able to work out what she had said.

Margoyles swore again later on when she was advising another caller about their neighbour.

She advised speaking to the neighbour and trying to reason with them first before adding, “ ‘And then if they’re still like that, throw the s*** over the wall!”

The Harry Potter star, who played Professor Sprout in the film adaptations of JK Rowling’s best-selling children’s books, then quickly put her hand over her mouth, adding: “Oh, sorry!”

Willoughby apologised on her behalf again, adding: “You felt so comfortable that you forgot yourself for a moment there, but it’s fine.”

Margoyles also addressed her reputation for being outspoken.

“My friends say I haven’t changed but I’ve always been as naughty and outspoken as I am now,” she said. “What I have learnt is to be kind. Otherwise I’m sort of perfect really. I’m 82, I fart a lot, p*** a lot, but I’m still going.”

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She went on to describe how she had recently returned from Austria, possibly revealing more personal details than Willoughby or ITV viewers were expecting.

“I’ve just come back from Austria and I went to a rocker place and I steamed my yoni,” Margoyles said, referring to her vagina.

“It did me a world of good. You put a big saucepan with some mint and you put it in a bed pan and spread your legs. It’s peaceful and pleasant.”

Gwyneth Paltrow was famously derided for advocating vaginal steaming on her Goop website. The treatment has been widely condemned since 2019 when a woman sustained second-degree burns from attempting it.

Margoyles, who has been with her partner Heather Sutherland for 54 years, said: “Sex is not for me now, it is not what it is in life, but I will advise and talk about it.”

Margolyes’s latest memoir, Oh Miriam!, is released on 14 September.