Haunting Facebook post emerges after young woman found dead on isolated beach

A young woman who was found dead on a quiet North Queensland beach had just months earlier shared a haunting message about the unfair dangers women face at any given moment. 

Toyah Cordingley was reported missing on Sunday after driving with her dog to Wangetti Beach, just north of Cairns, to go for a walk around 2pm.

The 24-year-old animal lover never returned home. Her body found on Monday, while her large dog was found unharmed nearby.

As the investigation into the pharmacy worker’s death continues, a Facebook post that she shared earlier this year has come to light.

Toyah Cordingley was found on Monday with a murder investigation continuing and police pleading for clues. Source: Facebook/Toyah Cordingley
Ms Cordingley, whose large dog was found uninjured on Monday, would have been easily noticeable on what was traditionally a quiet stretch of sand, police said. Image: Facebook/Toyah Cordingley

“I can only imagine the rage and fear women feel to see women die doing everyday mundane things like walking home, like they do too, only to then be told it’s their fault and that they need to be more careful,” the post, which Ms Cordingley shared in June, said.

“Stop blaming women. Make men the issue.”

Death may have been ‘sexually-related’

Police say they have no leads or suspects but are treating her death as a potentially sexually-related murder.

“If we’re dealing with a potentially sexually related murder, which commonsensically we may be, we may well be dealing with a male,” Detective Senior Sergeant Ed Kinbacher said.

The 24-year-old was described as a “the most beautiful, loving soul”. Source: Facebook/Toyah Cordingley

“It may well be the case this young woman has run into a stranger or potentially a person known to her and circumstances have unfolded that have led to her death.

“So it’s critical that anyone who was there come forward and let us know because I think that, at the end of the day, will provide us with the leads we potentially need to solve this matter.”

Ms Cordingley had previously worked for a Port Douglas animal shelter and was remembered as a beautiful soul who adored animals.

Toyah Cordingley was walking her dog along Wangetti Beach when she was murdered. Source: Facebook

“No young woman should go to a beach to walk the dog and this unfold for them,” Detective Kinbacher said.

“There may have been males in the area that have made women uncomfortable, been behaving unusually, paying too much attention.

“Those sort of people, we want to hear about them.”

Anyone with information relating to Ms Cordingley’s death should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the online reporting page.