Harry Styles fan divides with 'insane' $50,000 decision: 'Yikes'

Some have labelled the Aussie fan's decision as 'crazy and dumb'.

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Fans have been buzzing in Australia as Harry Styles works his way around the country as part of his world tour. Some lined up for hours to grab merchandise, and it comes as no surprise that fans flocked to Sydney Olympic Park to camp out overnight for a coveted barricade spot.

One fan, Jess, managed to secure a spot at the front of the queue for Friday night’s concert, but was faced with an unexpected dilemma. Radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson offered her a whopping $50,000 to simply “cut up” her ticket.

L: harry Styles performing. R: Harry Styles fan Jess in line
Harry Styles fan Jess made a shock decision on Friday. Photo: Getty & Instagram/kyleandjackieo

Jackie O first offered the fan $1,500 if she would “walk away” from her spot in line, which Jess firmly rejected.

“I’m sorry no, there’s no way in hell I’m missing this concert,” she replied instantly.

Australian Idol judge Kyle kept offering more cash in exchange for Jess’ ticket, with hordes of fans in line telling her not to take the deal.

When Kyle offered the eye-watering $50,000, Jess still didn’t miss a beat.

“No, I’ve never seen Harry live before!” she said, while looking emotional.


Jackie O praised the young fan for sticking to her guns and called her a “true Harry Styles fan”.

However, there were other people in the line who said they would gladly give up their place in line for cash. One said they would be happy with $15,000, while another said they would take just $5,000 to walk away.

After the video of the exchange was posted on Instagram, Jess’ controversial decision divided fans in the comments.

"The power of music! Worth more than $50K to this awesome young girl. I love that," a fan gushed.

“She didn’t take the 50K offer, to see someone who doesn’t even know her existence, yikes,” another commented.

“She could [have] gone and followed the rest of his tour and meet n greets and so much more with 50K. She wasn’t thinking,” a third chimed in.

“Stupidity for not taking it. When she’s older she’ll realise what a dumb decision it was,” added another.

“CRAZY!! I’d take the $$ and run!! Knocking back 50K is insane,” exclaimed a fan.


However, some pointed out that $50,000 may not have even been offered to the fan.

According to some listeners, Kyle originally offered $50,000 but changed his tune when Jackie O said “Kyle, no!”. He then seemingly altered his offer to “50,000 matchbox cars”, but this comment was edited out of the show's social media video.

There may be a happy ending for this fan after all, as Kyle’s fellow Australian Idol judge Meghan Trainor also commented on the video asking for the fan’s name.

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