How Harry and Meghan defy royal conventions with everyday item

A seemingly innocent snap of Australia’s new favourite royals has revealed a detail that left their fans asking whether or not the new duchess had broken royal protocol.

Victorian Governor Linda Dessau was farewelling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they departed Melbourne Airport on Thursday before later sharing an image of the the pair on her Twitter account.

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly noticed something in Meghan’s hand. Pressed against her Gucci handbag appears to be an iPhone – an item the royal family are rarely seen with in public.

“Is it against ‘protocol’ for her to have one or be seen with one?” one fan asked.

Eagle eyed royal watchers noticed something in Meghan’s hand as they say their farewells at Melbourne Airport. Image: Twitter/Governor of Victoria
Meghan can be seen clutching onto what appears to be an iPhone X as they prepare to depart Melbourne. Image: Twitter/Governor of Victoria

“That is not right. Meeting officials of the country, at least put your phone into your handbag instead of holding it in your hand,” another wrote.

While it is uncommon for members of the royal family to be seen in public using or carrying a phone, it is not considered to be breaking royal protocol.

The snap comes just days after her husband, who was also spotted with a phone in his pocket, offered to take a photo of his wife and a young look-a-like outside the Sydney Opera House with a phone handed to him from the crowd.

Casual royals go barefoot for Fluro Friday

The Duke and Duchess stripped off their shoes as they hit Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach Friday morning to meet with surfing group OneWave, an organisation raising awareness for mental health.

They were presented with their own leis on day four of their Australian tour, before joining the circle as part of the group’s mental health awareness session “Fluro Friday”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take in Bondi Beach. Image: Reuters
The pair took part in the Fluro Friday tradition, meeting with surfing group OneWave, an organisation raising awareness for mental health. Image: Reuters

Bondi local Charlie Adams is happy the royal couple are using their influence to shine a spotlight on mental illness and OneWave.

“I think there is still a lot of stigma around mental health and it’s great that Harry and Meghan are addressing that here today,” Ms Adams told AAP at the beach.

The couple will later meet the public gathered at the popular eastern Sydney beach before taking part in a youth advocate program and talking to students about social justice and youth empowerment.