Harrowing moment cable car line snaps before deaths of 14 people

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Video has emerged of the horrifying cable car crash in Italy which claimed the lives of 14 people.

The lead cable of the Mottarone funicular overlooking Lake Maggiore in northern Italy snapped on May 23.

The emergency brake failed to prevent the cable car from reeling at high speed backward down the support line.

The cable car pulled off the line entirely after passing the support pylon, crashed to the ground and then rolled down the mountain until it was stopped by a row of trees.

The lead cable of the Mottarone funicular overlooking Lake Maggiore snaps sending the car down the mountain.
The lead cable snaps and the car shakes before it begins going down the mountain out of control. Source: YouTube

Horrifying video has emerged of the cable car just moments before the lead cable snapped.

Inside the windows, masked-up passengers can be seen enjoying the views of the lake behind them as they approach the mountain station.

As the car ascends the cable suddenly snaps, causing the gondola to violently jerk backwards.

It then careens backwards down the line before hitting a pylon and tumbling to the ground behind the mountainside.

Carabinieri and Soccorso Alpino forces inspect the site where the Stresa-Alpino–Mottarone cable car crashed to the ground after a cable snapped on 23 May 2021, in Mottarone Stresa, northern Italy.
Crews inspect the wreckage three days after the crash. Source: AAP

The vision was made available to Italian media from the station’s security. 

Yahoo News Australia has chosen not to share the vision.

Only one person survived the crash: a five-year-old boy named Eitan Biran. Eitan’s Israeli-born parents, his younger brother and his great-grandparents were killed in the disaster and their remains were sent back to Israel.

The Vipiteno, Italy-based company that maintains the lift, Leitner SpA, has said “no irregularities were detected” during the November 2020 magnetic testing of the lead cable, and that every other annual check hadn’t turned up problems either.

The lift, which features four large tram cars bringing passengers up and down the mountain, only reopened on April 26 after a lengthy Covid-19 shutdown and was gearing up for the summer tourist season in a picturesque part of northern Italy.

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