'We could see feet': Harrowing moment worker finds influencer's body

Ash Cant
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The worker who discovered the body of an influencer has recalled the harrowing ordeal, as the circumstances around Alexis Sharkey’s death remain a mystery.

John Richardson, who works with the City of Houston Solid Waste as a supervisor, was called by one of his employees on 28 November, saying he had seen either a body or a mannequin, though he “wasn’t too sure”.

The employee told Mr Richardson he wasn’t going to stop on the side of the road to check, as he was too scared, instead he had asked Mr Richardson to check.

Alexis Sharkey's body was found on the side of road at 1000 Red Haw Lane on November 28. Source: Google Maps
Alexis Sharkey's body was found on the side of road at 1000 Red Haw Lane on November 28. Source: Google Maps

Mr Richardson did go and check it out, and told local news station KHOU11 what he found had been playing in the back of his head since that fateful Saturday.

“When we were driving, we could see the feet. We got out and looked, and there it was. She was laying there deceased, no clothes on. I just got on the phone, and I called 911," Mr Richardson said.

“It’s been playing back in my head every day.”

Police would identify the body Mr Richardson found on the side of the road as Alexis Sharkey, a 26-year-old woman who had a sizeable following on social media.

A Houston Police release said Ms Sharkey was found at 8.30am on the Saturday.

Alexis Sharkey was found dead on the side of the road on Saturday, police are investigating the circumstances of her death. Source: Instagram
Police are investigating Alexis Sharkey's death, though the cause of death has not been released. Source: Instagram

Ms Sharkey was found naked, with no visible wounds. The cause of death has not been made public, nor have the police released an update since Ms Sharkey was identified.

Stacey Robinault, Ms Sharkey’s mother, has previously said she believes her daughter was murdered.

Last week, Ms Sharkey’s friends told ABC13 she was fearful for her life, as she told one of her friends just weeks before her death.

Fox News reported though the results of the autopsy are pending, a spokesperson for the medical examiner said foul play had not been ruled out.

Ms Sharkey went missing the Friday before her body was found. Her husband reportedly contacted her family to tell them the police were involved.

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