What Happens To Your Sense Of Self In Motherhood? Listen To Our Podcast

Brogan Driscoll

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In this week’s episode of Am I Making You Uncomfortable? we wanted to tackle another underreported topic – identity in motherhood – specifically, how your sense of self changes when you become a parent and as your children grow up – and how the intersection of other identities plays into parenthood as a whole.

Co-host Rachel Moss and I were thrilled to be joined by two women on the podcast who are each carving out spaces for all mothers to feel represented: Candice Brathwaite, author of I Am Not Your Baby Mother and the founder of Make Motherhood Diverse, and Kate Everall of LesBeMums, an award-winning blog documenting the life of her two-mum family and other LGBTQ+ issues.


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Am I Making You Uncomfortable? co-hosts Brogan Driscoll and Rachel Moss

Episode 6: Transcript


Brogan Driscoll:

Hello, and welcome to HuffPost’s brand new weekly podcast, Am I Making You Uncomfortable? Presented by me Brogan Driscoll.

Rachel Moss:

And me, Rachel Moss. This podcast is a frank, honest conversation about women’s bodies, health and private lives. This week, we’re discussing motherhood and identity. We’ll be joined by Candice Brathwaite, author of I Am Not Your Baby Mother, and Kate Everall who runs the same sex family blog,...

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