'Happens fast': Police issue warning over 'crazy' video

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A “crazy” video has been shared to warn drivers to always keep their eyes on the road.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, in California, shared the footage of two cars travelling on a rural road in Poland on February 26 on Facebook.

A BMW, travelling ahead of a car filming on a dashcam, can be seen coming to a halt as a horde of deer stampede across the road — and right into the car.

A deer leaps over a BMW.
Deer run across the road into the path of two cars. Source: Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

Many clamour over the car, with one deer bouncing off the boot, before running off into nearby bushland.

Officers said they shared the video as a “reminder you have to always be in control of your car and not distracted by anything else”.

“This goes for making a crazy day,” the Facebook posy read.

“It looks like no one was hurt and all the animals were OK at the end of it, but I am sure there was some very fast beating hearts.”

Viewers were surprised by how quickly the deer appeared out of nowhere.

“Wow! Really happens fast,” one man wrote.

Another man called the two drivers as showing “excellent driving skills”.

“I would have went into full cardiac arrest,” one woman wrote.

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