The handwritten beach sign dividing locals

A handwritten beach sign has divided locals, with people up in arms about the bossy tone in which locals laid down the rules for visitors.

The sign instructed visitors to “respect the locals” and reeled off a list of six must-follow rules when visiting  Wurtulla Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

This sign was affixed to a gate at Wurtulla Beach on the Sunshine Coast. Source: Facebook/Paul Munoz

“Remember locals have first pick of the waves,” the sign read.

“Don’t steal our stuff.

“Clean up your dog’s s***.

“If you can’t follow the above don’t come to Wurtulla.”

The list of rules was bolted to a gate at the Bellbird Court entrance of Wurtulla Beach and has since been shared on social media.

Local woman Amy O’Carroll said that the sign had sparked public debate in the past week.

“I think some of the rules were good about picking up your rubbish, picking up your dog poo,” she told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

“Some of them were definitely acceptable, I thought.

“It’s a real local beach, you don’t really get many tourists here, so I think the locals just want to really protect it.”

On Wednesday the sign had been removed from the gate at Wurtulla Beach. Source: Ashley Carter.

However, it appears others were less understanding than Ms O’Carroll.

On Wednesday morning, the sign was nowhere to be found, presumably removed from the gate by a passer-by.