Halsey And Avan Jogia Have Seemingly Gone Instagram Official With Matching Halloween Outfits

Last month, dating rumors surrounding Halsey and actor Avan Jogia started swirling when they were spotted kissing in Hollywood.

side by side of the Hlasey and Avan
Daniele Venturelli / Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

The internet agreed that, while random, this was one couple they could get behind.

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And now, they've apparently gone Instagram official!

  Samir Hussein / 	Unique Nicole / Getty Images
Samir Hussein / Unique Nicole / Getty Images

Yesterday, the singer shared a carousel of Halloween pics on Instagram. Halsey and Avan look so cute in their matching black outfits! In the third pic, you can see them standing beside each other, and in the last pic, he has his arm around her shoulders.

But Halsey wasn't the only one to share pics!

closeup of halsey
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Over on Avan's post, the second pic shows the couple holding hands as they gaze into the camera. The fourth image is Halsey from the side.

Naturally, both posts were flooded with positive comments. This person said they'll be telling their kids that Halsey and Avan were Jade and Beck from Victorious:

This person said, I'm telling my children this was jade. and beck from victoririous
Halsey / instagram.com

One fan wrote, "I don't know who's the luckiest."

  Avan Jogia / instagram.com
Avan Jogia / instagram.com

Another said, "I am so bisexual."

  Halsey / instagram.com
Halsey / instagram.com

And this person wrote, "That's parents."

  Avan Jogia / instagram.com
Avan Jogia / instagram.com

All the best to Halsey and Avan!