Half of IKEA Singapore main meals to be plant-based by 2025

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Plant-based food sold at IKEA Singapore. (PHOTOS: IKEA Singapore)
Plant-based food sold at IKEA Singapore. (PHOTOS: IKEA Singapore)

SINGAPORE — By 2025, half of IKEA Singapore’s main meals offered at its restaurants will be plant-based, the furniture retailer giant said on Thursday (21 April).

In a media release, IKEA said it will increase the range of affordable, nutritious, and delicious food choices and move towards making healthier and more sustainable living part of everyday life.

“Eating a plant-based diet is one of the most significant actions an individual can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” IKEA said.

IKEA assured that its famous Swedish meatballs will remain on the menu. In recent years, IKEA has developed more plant-based options.

IKEA will offer new plant-based gyoza in its menu, available for dine-in only from 15 to 20 May. Customers can more options like the nuggets and curry puff to be available in the coming months.

By 2030, IKEA has committed to using only renewable or recycled materials for its products.

Currently, all the cotton used in IKEA products is either recycled or grown with less water and pesticides.

Last year, 73 per cent of all material sourced for IKEA’s range was renewable or recycled. More IKEA products are now made of waste materials, including natural fibres like bamboo and wood, and sustainably made textile.

IKEA will also expand its partnerships with social businesses, which began in 2012. Its upcoming VÅRDANDE global collection is a partnership with five suppliers from Asia.

For instance, the VÅRDANDE storage basket and plant pots made of jute is a sustainable and locally sourced natural material used by a social business in Bangladesh, which is committed to creating jobs for women in nearby villages.

IKEA is also partnering marketplace platform Carousell to launch a secondhand showroom and an incentivised rewards programme. From Thursday to 30 June, IKEA and Carousell will reward customers who extend the shelf life of IKEA products through secondhand transactions or by free-cycling.

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