Haiti’s transitional council names new head

Haiti's transitional ruling council, which is leading the Caribbean nation following the resignation of its prime minister amid a wave of gang violence, chose politician Edgard Leblanc Fils as its head on Tuesday.

Announcement of the selection, which took place during a ceremony in the capital Port-au-Prince, comes after the long-awaited council was sworn in last week, marking a step forward in restoring functional government.

Leblanc Fils, a former Senate president, will serve as leader of the nine-member governing body as it attempts to restore a semblance of order.

"We have today, Tuesday April 30, a well-known president... who is going to coordinate the council according to the agreement reached between the different political entities," one of the body's members, Frinel Joseph, said during the televised ceremony.

Formation of the body, whose members were selected across Haiti's political spectrum, happened only after weeks of delay due to political squabbling.

The new council, which consists of seven voting members and two observers, came to power as the unpopular and unelected prime minister Ariel Henry submitted his formal resignation last week.

Henry had promised in March to step down once a council was installed, after armed gangs rose up and demanded his ouster.

One of the council's first tasks will be to appoint a new prime minister.


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