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Hairstylist shares the most annoying things customers do at the salon: 'Just do my hair!'

Work a job long enough, and you’ll eventually find plenty of things that bug you about it.

Just ask the folks at @iconichairdressing, a U.K.-based salon chain with locations in Evesham and Pershore, England. The salon recently posted a viral TikTok about all the “annoying” things customers do at a hair salon, and it’s already reached more than 1.5 million views.

In the clip, a stylist tries to wrangle one customer into the salon chair with an exasperated look on her face.

Then comes the first “annoying” thing on the list, which describes a type of customer more than anything: The “hair flipper.”

This refers to the person who constantly flips or pushes their hair back, even though the stylist is clearly putting sections of it in front so they can style or cut the back correctly.

Then there’s the “intense watcher” — the person who seems to constantly stare at the hair stylist while they wash, cut or blow dry the client, creating a quietly awkward dynamic.

Stylists also seem to encounter clients who act like they’re drowning during a routine shampoo and conditioner wash and others who are addicted to their phones and never look up from their screens once during the appointment.

Then there’s “the adjuster,” who constantly fidgets while getting a wash or cut, forcing the stylist to reposition them over and over and over again. You may have also seen “the runner,” who springs up from their chair prematurely before they’ve been thoroughly rinsed or dried.

Then we have the “drama queen,” who acts like everything is torture — from getting her hair brushed to sitting for the full length of time for a blow-dry. And, finally, there’s the “do it myself” customer, who likes to take over the appointment and do some aspect of it on their own — like parting their hair or even flat ironing it at the end.

Judging by the comments, there were definitely some people who found the clip to be relatable and hilarious.

“This is brilliant,” one person wrote.

“100%” added another.

But plenty of other TikTokers got a bit defensive and didn’t seem to find the video funny at all.

“the Adjuster??” one person wrote. “ya that bowl is hard…Imma gonna adjust.”

“I hate water on my face and in my ears,” said another. “I will wipe it away if I want.”

“Do you want our money or not?” said another.

In retaliation, some commenters decided to share some of the “annoying” things that hair stylists do that customers hate — and boy, did they go there.

“When the hair dresser is nosey about my life,” said another. “Just do my hair!!!”

“How about the stylist who always combs my ears,” asked someone else, while another called out hairdressers who “burn your scalp with the blow dryer.”

All in all, TikTok was not digging this viral list, which many viewed more as complaints and criticisms than something lighthearted and funny.

“So basically I need to lay there like a limp fish,” one person concluded.

“My guess [is] people do all those things because of a stylist not doing a good [job] washing or brushing,” another accused.

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