Hair salon faces backlash over ‘no children allowed’ policy

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A hairdresser who recently banned parents from bringing young children inside her salon has faced nasty backlash from mums unimpressed with the new rules.

Emma Dougherty, 29, owner of Studio 18 in Townsville, Queensland, issued a notice on Monday stating children under 16 would no longer be allowed in her salon without an appointment.

She explained that “sharp and expensive scissors, chemicals and hot tools” could be hazardous, and children were often a disturbance to other clients trying to enjoy their “me time”.

“This is for the comfort of all our guests and safety of your little ones,” she wrote in a post to the salon’s Facebook page.

The salon's policy will allow parents much needed 'me time'. Source: Getty/file

She also reminded guests of the salon’s cancellation and late policies, which would see them charged $50 if they were more than 15 minutes late, or cancelled an appointment with less than 24 hours notice.

“Unfortunately in the past month we have had over 15 no-shows or last minute cancellations, this costs us a lot of time and money,” she wrote.

Not everyone was impressed however, with one woman arguing the policy was unfair if someone had an emergency and had to cancel at the last minute.

“Most will understand however, s*** happens when you’re a parent. $50 is a lot for nothing when they don’t have it in the beginning,” she wrote in a comment.

Salon owner Emma Dougherty stood by the policy. Source: Emma Dougherty

“If s*** happens like sometimes it does, I don’t have the money to throw away for nothing.”

Others disagreed, expressing they thought the rule was well and truly justified.

“While I see that people may need to be able to bring their children and I love kids, I don't want to hear them screaming while I sit there trying to relax or even work while in the chair,” one woman wrote.

Ms Dougherty told Yahoo News Australia she had “received more support than backlash” after announcing the new policies.

“We've found a lot of our clients are all for this and we've gained a lot of new followers already – this wasn't our intention but it’s great to have the support,” she said.

“This is all revolving around safety concerns with small children and noise concerns for our other clients in the salon who want to relax.”

The policy was announced on Monday and stated children would no longer be allowed inside the salon. Source: Facebook/Studio 18

She added she had been “on the fence” about whether or not to allow babies, but ended up deciding it subjected them to too much danger.

“A lot of babies need to be held during the appointment, this puts them at risk of having harmful chemicals dropped on them which we would hate to happen,” she said.

“I’m also a mother so I understand how this may impact some people but I’m hoping it forces mums into having some much needed me time.”

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