'We had no plan': Liberal frontbencher

A Liberal frontbencher has delivered a scathing assessment of why the coalition lost government, saying it failed to deliver a plan for Australia's future challenges.

Shadow attorney-general Julian Leeser said the party needed to reflect on why voters turned away from the party at the federal election.

"Australians, in large numbers, said they wanted change," he told the Young Liberal national convention on Saturday.

"In my view, this was because after nine years we did not offer them a plan to meet the challenges of Australia's future.

"We have a responsibility to deeply reflect on that and to ensure we are reaching out to the voters we lost."

A post-mortem of the election loss found three demographics the Liberals needed to win back to form government - young people, women and multicultural communities.

Mr Leeser said there had been a growing disconnect between the Liberals and young Australians for some time.

He said while this was a challenge for centre-right parties across the world, the party's youth wing needed to step up to help win back the support of young Australians.

"What is the point of having a youth wing of the party unless it speaks for young people?" he said.

"This is your moment and you should seize it. You must seize it."

Mr Leeser said it was also the time for him and his colleagues to listen to younger voices in the party to build a bigger and broader movement.

He also called for the Young Liberals to help develop policies that prioritised young Australians accessing their super for housing and created more opportunities and greater access to vocational training and higher education.

"We are in the midst of a profound generational change," he said.

"In navigating change while holding true to our values, we need a party that is fit for purpose.

"We need a Liberal Party that is much bigger, with more young people, more women and more Australians from multicultural backgrounds."