Hackers target Vic parliament website

Christine McGinn

Hackers have launched almost 20,000 cyber attacks on Victoria's parliamentary website in the past two months, sparking calls for tightened security.

The website was targeted 13,712 times in March and a further 6029 times in April, according figures released by the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee on Tuesday.

Lower house Speaker Colin Brooks told the committee it was possible to tell from which country the cyber attacks had originated.

He said while efforts were being made to address security, the issue was ongoing with "six thousand hacking attempts on the parliament Victoria system in just April 2018 alone".

"That is of great concern to us to ensure the integrity of our IT systems here in parliament Victoria and it goes to that issue I was talking about, that work our IT do in ensuring behind the scenes that our systems are protected."

But it's not just cyber attacks, with 205 in-person "incidents" or security concerns at parliament since July 2017 with more than 100,000 people visiting Spring Street during the same period.

Almost 12,000 items have been seized by parliament house security, including knuckledusters, knives and handcuffs.

In 100 cases, police were called in after the item was seized.


March: 13,712

April: 6029


Since July 2017

* 205 incidents (compared to 135 in 2016/17)

* 104,677 visitors (94,733 in 2016/17)

* 11,969 items seized (12,690 in 2016/17)

* 100 cases referred to police after prohibited items seized (58 in 2016/17)

Source: Public Accounts and Estimates Committee data