Hacker, graffiti artist 'gifted': SA court


A convicted computer hacker breached a good behaviour bond by painting intricate graffiti on trains in Adelaide, but the "clever and gifted man" should be spared jail, a court has heard.

Anthony Scott Harrison, 27, has pleaded guilty to breaking into railway yards and damaging property while he was on a bond, and he is set to be sentenced for his crimes in the District Court.

"A lot of cleaning up needed to be done but it came from a background of art appreciation, not just pure destruction," defence lawyer Amanda Lambden said as she urged the judge to give him a suspended sentence.

"It's not that he just went in and scratched the trains or put his initials on them. It is incredibly complex graffiti.

"He is a clever and gifted man but perhaps puts those gifts in the wrong areas."

Harrison was convicted of computer hacking in 2011 and given a suspended jail sentence with a three-year good behaviour bond, which he broke by trespassing and defacing trains.

Proof of his offending surfaced when police searched his home and found a video that showed him and his graffiti group in the act of spray-painting trains.