Guys Are Sharing Non-Sexual Things About A Woman That They Find Attractive, And A Lot Of These Are Actually So Sweet

Reddit user u/sillycanadiangoose98 asked "Guys: What’s something non-sexual that would attract you to a woman?" and I definitely swooned at a lot of the responses in the thread because they're so sweet and honest. Here is what some guys said.

1."Being funny. I met a woman recently who did different voices to describe an interaction she’d had. It was so charming and entertaining."

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2."The way she looks at you. Eyes are my weakness."


3."Deliberately dancing badly when a bad song is being played. Almost any woman can dance well or dance sexily, but to openly clown around is far more attractive. That's what actually attracted me to my wife. I later found out she wasn't trying to be funny, she was just really bad at dancing."


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4."If they have a similar sense of humor to mine, they get my jokes, and can make funny jokes themselves. If they are able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously — I swoon every time. That is more important than looks. Looks fade, personality lasts forever."


5."Passion and expertise in her hobby of choice. Geeking out is super cute."


6."A clear idea of what she wants out of life beyond a relationship."

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7."If they love to read."


8."When they tuck their hair behind their ears."


9."Her being an animal person. I've had multiple pets my whole life, so it's pretty much a requirement for me to be in a relationship with someone who loves animals.

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10."A capable woman who does what she does well."


11."If she's the type of person that doesn't play mind games and is direct about how she feels."


12."Cute aberrations, like imperfect teeth or messy hair."


"If she has one crooked tooth, I'm all about it."


13."Her ability to create peace and to keep things grounded. Strong emotional security. I’m more attracted to the feminine energy than I am to the female body."

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14."There's something about that tiny bit of disobedience that stirs something in me like when a woman doesn't sit properly on a booth in a restaurant — sitting on her leg, cross-legged, or anything along those lines."


15."The ability to enjoy themselves, not always needing something to complain about, and they're actually happy."


16."My lady will drop new vocab words on me sometimes, and I swoon."


17."Physical scars — even on the face. That stuff is beautiful."


18."There are some women's voices that make me absolutely melt."


19."Her interaction with other people and how she treats other people."

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Is there anything that you can add to this list? If so, share it with me in the comments below!