Guys, it looks as if Anne Hathaway has chopped her hair off for bouffant pixie cut

anne hathaway pixie illusion haircut
Anne channels gothic vibes with vampy makeoverAnne Hathaway @annehathaway - Instagram

Anne Hathaway is a force to be reckoned with; between making headlines for laughing off her sex appeal to wearing a gigantic bow as an entire outfit, the actor is nothing short of media-worthy (though, side note: she could do absolutely zilch and we're sure she'd still be written about!). For the Cosmo beauty team, however, it's her most recent hair look that had our group chat poppin' off. Read: "Breaking news!!"

Donning the cover of the Vanity Fair April issue (that just dropped on social media today), Anne is giving off major gothic witch vibes. And that's not only due to her vampy makeup look (cc. a deep dark lip, smokey eyes and pared-back porcelain skin) but the jet-black bouffant pixie haircut she seems to be sporting.

Or is she? Take a look for yourselves, below:

At first glance, Anne looks completely unrecognisable with her extra cropped hairstyle – I mean, her long, thick tresses are nowhere to be seen! Having said that, when taking a second look, it appears as though her hair has not been cut off but instead, pulled back into an updo which, therefore, gives off a pixie-looking illusion. Her hairstylist for the occasion, Orlando Pita has created a short back and sides on Anne, if you will, when she's photographed head-on.

Plus, there's no missing that XL quaffed fringe... it's so big it would give Lauren Conrad circa the early 2000s a run for her money! We're talking inches high, honey.

So, while this pixie isn't a permanent hairstyle for Anne, the illusion it gives is certainly one of the shortest we've ever seen her hair look! Well, since her 2012 buzzcut, anyway.

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